UH OH! Christian Voters No Longer Back Trump, Poll Reveals


There’s no question about President Trump’s ability to wheel and deal, to get the job done.

But keeping voters happy and maintaining a base is another matter entirely, and one that could spell doom for his reelection efforts.

As long as Trump brings results, his base will be happy. But very often getting those results requires months, if not years, of compromise and negotiation.

In a business setting, that’s fine. But in politics, under the public spotlight, the maneuvering Trump’s doing to achieve those results is costing him support, especially among Christians.

The New York Post reports:

Evangelical pastors still have his back, but support for President Trump among their flocks is slipping, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Friday.

During a four-week period in August, 62 percent of white evangelicals said they approved of Trump, while 33 percent disapproved of the president and 5 percent said they had “mixed feelings.”

That’s a significant drop from the first four weeks of Trump’s presidency, when 73 percent of white evangelicals approved of his performance while 23 percent disapproved and 5 percent had mixed feelings.

“When your base is starting to even slowly move away from you, that should be a sign of concern,” Justin Vaughn, director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics at Boise State University in Idaho, told Reuters.

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