U.S. Vet Smashes Canada PM Trudeau for giving man who blinded him $10.5m


Folks, I’m sure you heard the story of Omar Khadr, the terrorist who killed one U.S. soldier and blinded another one. Omar spent years at Guantanamo Bay for it.

Canadian government gave him $10.5m as an apology for his years in prison.

Sgt. Layne Morris, speaking on Tucker Carlson, said he was sickened by the idea that Canadian citizens are having to shell out money to a terrorist:

“What kind of sick and twisted ivory tower do you have to live in …to decide to award this man 10.5 million good-hearted, hard-working Canadian folks’ dollars?”

The marine points out that they’re basically paying Khadr over a case of hurt feelings…

“This totally sucks. It’s just crazy that you’d give somebody like that [money] because his feelings got hurt.”


H/T: Fox News

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