U.S. Dept. of State announces $639 million in ADDITIONAL AID going where??


US effort in crisis plagued region in Africa applauded. Nothing helps cut the legs out from under al-Shabaab and Boco Haram like a healthy public.

Often we can do more as a nation against terrorist by support like this than we can with 100 JDAM’s.

Bully for POTUS for knowing the difference between a handout / giveaway and targeted aid to help stop radical islamic terrorists operating throughout Africa.

From the briefing given on July 11, 2017 “…the United States is providing additional emergency food and nutrition assistance, life-saving medical care, improved sanitation, emergency shelter, and protection for civilians who have been affected by conflict including those displaced internally and also refugees…”

I’m with HIM! What about you?

Source U.S. Department of State, July 11, 2017

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