Two Top Hollywood Stars Implicated in Weinstein Sex Scandal. You Won’t Believe Who They Are!


Liberal Hollywood is at it again. Hypocritically accusing President Trump and conservatives in general of being “anti-women,” while engaging in the sickest forms of sexual harassment against…women.

By now, most Americans are aware that Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein, a long-time backer of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, has been exposed as a disgusting sexual offender.

What we’ve just learned is that a number of top Hollywood stars actually helped cover for Weinstein so his dirty secret could stay concealed for DECADES.

I was floored after hearing that two of the superstars implicated in this scandal are Russell Crowe and Matt Damon.

Russell Crowe, because I love his movies. Matt Damon, because he’s so outspoken on liberal issues. And then he turns around and covers for a womanizer?!

Liberal hypocrisy.

Anyway, here’s the full scoop, via the Mail Online:

Matt Damon may soon be forced to comment on the decades of sexual harassment Harvey Weinstein inflicted upon his staff and a number of Hollywood actresses after one of those stars took aim at the Oscar-winning writer and star of ‘Good Will Hunting.’

One day after Sharon Waxman revealed in a post on The Wrap that she had been working on an expose about Weinstein until Damon and actor Russell Crowe called her directly to try and bury the piece, Rose McGowan lashed out at the actor.

‘Hey @Mattdamon what’s it like to be a spineless profiteer who stays silent?’ wrote McGowan Monday afternoon, hours after calling on the entire board at Weinstein Company to step down for being complicit in covering up the executive’s actions.

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Is it wrong that I’m enjoying watch liberal Hollywood implied?

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