Twitter Confirms They Will Be Able To Ban Trump Starting January


President Trump will lose his current world-leader-status exemptions from Twitter’s policies after Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, exposing him to stricter moderation.

Twitter has confirmed that Trump’s personal account could face restrictions or even a ban if he continues proliferating what the platform considers “conspiracy theories” after becoming a private citizen, The Independent reported.

Twitter applies unique policies to world leaders and various public officials of major importance, leaving rule-infringing content unremoved if the public has a “clear” interest in being able to access such content, according to The Verge

After noon, January 20, however, Trump will be ineligible for this protection and will have to follow the same guidelines as regular citizens, a Twitter spokesperson told Forbes on Thursday.

The spokesperson—speaking to Forbes on the condition of anonymity—stated that Twitter doesn’t have “special rules” for Trump, and re… (Read more)

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