Twitter Boots James Woods for Being Too Conservative


Ah, free speech.

But is it really?

Seems more and more these days that freedom of speech only applies to those who toe the particular political line of whatever media or platform they happen to be speaking through.

Social media has been a big offender in this regard, with conservative voices being routinely silenced, either by a flood of liberal intolerance, or official policies by those claiming to be protecting their audience from what they define as “hate speech.”

Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods has been a regular target of this undemocratic behavior on his favorite platform, Twitter.

This week, Woods was again banned from Twitter, presumably on a temporary basis, for posting: “If you try to kill the king, you’d better not miss.”

If you’re confused, well, join the club.

Woods, who was quoting author Ralph Waldo Emerson, was clearly referring to the Democrats’ failed effort to bring down Trump via the Mueller investigation, and the retribution they can now expect.

It’s such a harmless remark that something else has got to be going on here for Woods to be banned.

The actor has been such a thorn in the side of liberals that it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that some of the censors over at Twitter are just looking for any way, justified or not, to silence Woods.

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via Western Journalism

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