Turkey on the Warpath After Devastating Terrorist Bombings


The government of Turkey wants to use a devastating double terrorist bombing to justify further hostility toward the Kurds.

On Saturday, two bombs were detonated after a soccer game in Istanbul. At least 38 people were killed and over 166 injured.

Most of the victims were police officers securing the soccer arena. The first and largest bomb detonated next to a police bus.

It didn’t take long for Turkish authorities to blame the Kurds.

“The arrows point at the the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK),” said Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.

History of violence

The PKK has indeed carried out many bombings in Turkey. The country’s Kurdish minority has long fought for equality, and even independence.

But Turkish disdain for the Kurds has kept the flame of tension high. And that hatred carries beyond the borders of Turkey.

When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan finally joined the war against ISIS last year, his first action was to bomb Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Those same Kurds have born the brunt of the ISIS assault, and are an ally of the US.

There is concern Erdogan will use Saturday’s bombings to order more strikes on Kurdish forces.

Things are heating up just in time for Trump to make his mark.

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H/T The Clarion Project

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