Tucker Just Bodyslammed the Left!


Fox News host Tucker Carlson fired off on the left on his show for their championing of a porn star against President Trump.

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Tucker Carlson railed against Democrats on again on his show tonight — this time by mocking them for standing up for the dignity of porn stars like Stormy Daniels.

Carlson began his show with a monologue about how “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has grown so severe around the country that the president’s opponents have all pretty much decided that anything Trump supports must be immoral and wrong.

To make his point, Carlson brought up Daniels to make a point of how Trump’s critics have defended her from those questioning her story.

“And then there is stormy Daniels. Even on the far left, hard-core pornography was not considered an ideal career for your daughter. Then Daniels and her creepy cable-friendly lawyer emerged, and now Daniels is touted by the Left as some sort of civil rights hero. When Rudy Giuliani doubted her credibility, he was blasted for impugning the respectability of women who have with strangers on camera for pay.”

Do you agree with Tucker?

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