Tucker Exposes ANOTHER Hunter & Joe Biden Racket? Hunter Was Paid $100,000. WATCH


Hunter Biden, son to former Vice President, Joe Biden, may be involved in a new scandal.

When Hunter Biden graduated from law school, he accepted what Tucker Carlson calls a “lucrative management job” with MBNA, a Delaware based credit card company.

After having worked for MBNA for almost three years, Hunter Biden left the company.

Despite the fact that Hunter stopped any work, he still collected more that $100,000 per year from 2001 -2005 for doing very little, if anything at all.


“Well it’s not easy to get a job like that,” Tucker Carlson remarks on Fox News. “It helps to have a father in the US Senate. One who’s doing the bidding of credit card companies, and Hunter Biden definitely met that requirement,” Carlson continued.

Biden was in the US Senate at the time and, according to Carlson

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