Tucker Carlson Releases Bombshell Tape Of Cuomo Coaching Cohen On How To Answer Interview Questions


I can not hep but wonder where these tapes are coming from. But for the second night in a row, Tucker Carlson played tapes of conversations with Michael Cohen. This time it was with Chris Cuomo coaching Cohen on how to answer questions from the press. I wasn’t aware that alleged journalists were supposed to do that. Or is that rule just for real journalists?

Carlson summed up the two nights of recordings like this:

“Zucker and Cuomo … are frauds, just like the channel they work for. Despite its name, CNN is not a cable news network, it is a slickly produced propaganda loop. Every topic CNN covers has been chosen for its political effect. Every word its anchors speak has been curated to manipulate you. Nothing winds up on CNN by accident.”

“The whole thing is a scripted drama written for the benefit of the Democratic Party. That’s not an overstatement; tonight we have proof. This is a conversation that took place in 2018 between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his friend, the disgraced felon lawyer Michael Cohen. The two spoke in person. Cohen wanted Cuomo to prepare him for an interview he’d been asked to do on CNN. As Michael Cohen put it, he wanted ‘Guidance, as a friend more than anything.’”

Cohen was worried about doing interviews because he knew he would be asked about the payments to Stormy Daniels. Cuomo then gave him his advice on what to do.  Attack the anchor, a time tested defense for the obviously guilty. Not to deny that the payments were legal, as they are. The need to implicate Trump, suggesting that he broke laws is just too great to pass up. The orange man is bad.

Cuomo was telling Cohen how to protect himself while indicating that Trump broke the law. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.  If Trump’s actions were criminal, Cohen’s actions would be too, no?  Did he ever tell Trump it was illegal, as he should have done if they were truly illegal? If he did, he also knowingly broke the law as well.

Cuomo said:

“‘You will be asked that,’ Chris Cuomo told Michael Cohen, and you can say, ‘I did it for him, for Donald Trump. My relationship has always been for him. I’ve always said I don’t speak for the campaign, I speak for him as his attorney. Cuomo went on to elaborate, ‘And to the question of motive,’ he told Cohen, ‘the response would have to be, you can speculate as to why you think I did it all day long, but the only answer is my answer, and I just told you why I did it. You don’t get the speculate because if you can’t prove that I got paid back by Trump or the campaign, it is slander and defamation for you to say that I did.’

He even told him how to answer questions from himself, Chris Cuomo. Cuomo even played out both parts to show what it would look and sound like.

Now, where did these tapes come from? The common thread from both of them is Cohen.. Did he tape his conversations with Zucker and Cuomo? And if he did who gave copies to Carlson? Did Cohen do it himself? I doubt it. Did anyone else have access to the tapes? Only Cohen would know, but he isn’t saying, at least not yet. But the truth could come out at some point.

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Whatever happened to journalistic ethics? CNN happened. And it has permeated everything CNN does. My mother loved CNN many years ago and I am glad she can’t see them now.

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