Tucker Carlson Had Enough of CNN BS, Exposes Them on LIVE TV for the World To See


Tucker Carlson believes CNN is no longer a news organization but a Democratic campaign instead.

Do you agree with him?

They are posting fake news against Trump to promote their agenda!

“It’s been seven months, though, since Trump won the Presidential election,” he continued. “Since then, precisely no evidence has emerged to support the claim that Trump somehow colluded with the Russian government in order to win the race.”

“But you’d never know that from watching [CNN] which has become home for conspiracists on the Russia question worldwide.”

“CNN is no longer a news organization,” he added. “It is a campaign with a political mission, run, not surprisingly, by a man named Jeff Zucker who once expressed interest in running for office himself.”


Check his remarks on Twitter as well:

H/T: Fox News

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