Tucker Carlson: From Andrew Cuomo To The Lincoln Project, Media Protected The Worst Of Politics


At the end of a turbulent and sometimes grim week, we have good news: 212 years to the day after Abraham Lincoln was born, the Democratic Party propaganda outlet that stole his name finally collapsed.

There’s probably never been a sleazier or more vicious organization in American politics than The Lincoln Project. Naturally, it was heavily funded by the tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley.

The Lincoln Project set itself apart from most political organizations by never even addressing, for the most part, ideas or policies. Instead, they always went personal, immediately going right for the throat.

Rather than argue against what Donald Trump might be doing or not doing, the Lincoln Project instead threatened his attorneys and spread filth about his aides. In January, for example, one Lincoln Project executive bragged: “We are constructing a database of Trump officials and staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now … They will be held accountable.” It always sounded a little more like MS-13 than a political operation.

Now, because life is irony, there are reports that the FBI is investigating The Lincoln Project, specifically co-founder John Weaver. You may remember him because he helped manage John McCain’s run for president. He also worked for former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. In his spare time, Weaver spent enormous energy trying to lure young boys into sex. At least one of those boys was 14 years old. Twenty-one of John Weaver’s alleged victims now accuse him of sexual harassment.

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