Trump’s three favorite words?


Trump dedicates July to his three favorite words…MADE IN AMERICA.

“JOBS JOBS JOBS” was my first thought.  Ever since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, the jobs went overseas.  And Trump is bringing them back.  It is a tough battle but we are with you Donald John!  AMERICA’s president.

Amazing how liberals are repulsed by the idea of America first.  And weren’t they all saying they would move away if Trump won??  And so many are still here, can’t think of one that has followed through on THAT promise.   Oh that tempts me to exploit their melodrama!

And why is it that being pro-America is nails on the chalkboard to liberals???  Have you ever known them to not pursue their OWN self-interest? Flying to environmental/green conferences in their own private jet?  Wanting gun bans yet arming their body guards? Screaming about walls yet building one around their private property?  Oh the irony, the hypocrisy!

So MADE IN AMERICA.  How appropriate that the month that celebrates America on the 4th be dedicated to things being made here.  Hmmm, wonder how that relates to the dreamers…but that is another rant.

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