Trump’s Replacement for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General Will Make You Cheer


Attorney General Jeff Sessions might be about to hear President Trump’s favorite phrase–YOU’RE FIRED!

Sessions has been in President Trump’s dog house the past several days after recusing himself from the Russia investigation and failing to investigate Hillary Clinton.

That means Trump’s hunting for a replacement.

And, according to Axios, at the top of Trump’s list is the one man every American wants to see in that job–Rudy Giuliani!

President Trump is so unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he has raised the possibility of bringing back Rudolph Giuliani to head the Justice Department, according to West Wing confidants.

But, as Axios pointed out, it’s not a given that Giuliani would be confirmed.

Giuliani would have a tough time getting 50 Republicans senators to vote to confirm him. He was such an early and ardent Trump backer that he wouldn’t be seen as an independent guardian of the department in these tumultuous times.

In fact, the nomination could be seen as Trump throwing gasoline on a fire. And Giuliani’s stop-and-frisk police policy as New York mayor, and clients since then, also would be controversial with many senators.

Just one more reminder of how out of touch Congress has become with the American public.

Like Trump, we want scrappers like Giuliani running the show. Enough with the establishment yes-men.

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