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Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel Has Liberals PANICKING


Trump just demonstrated that his promises to Israel are genuine. His selection for the next US ambassador to Israel proves this.

And the liberal Left, in both the US and Israel, is in panic mode. Their whole failed agenda regarding Israel is about to be demolished.

When Trump takes office, David Friedman will be named America’s next ambassador to the Jewish state.

Friedman was previously Trump’s lawyer. He served as a trusted advisor during the presidential campaign.

After Trump won the election, Friedman visited Israel. He told local media that the Trump team does not view Jewish “settlements” as a problem. And he reiterated the commitment to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem.

Friedman went so far as to encourage Israel to annex its biblical heartland, which is today called the “West Bank” and is claimed by the Arabs.

Liberal Panic

The New York Times on Friday had no fewer than four articles moaning about Friedman’s appointment.

The ultra-liberal J Street insisted that his positions on Israeli settlements “put Friedman in conflict with the official position of not just the United States.”

But a different kind of government is about to take power in Washington. And those “official” positions are likely to change.

J Street claimed that appointing Friedman would “put America’s reputation in the region and credibility around the world at risk.”

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But many in both the US and Israel would argue that it was Obama’s policies that damaged America’s reputation and credibility.

Trump is about to fix that.

Israeli Responses

Reactions from the Israeli right-wing to Friedman’s appointment were enthusiastic. They are pleased that the new America will no longer push the failed two-state solution.

Further to the left, Israeli politicians welcomed Friedman, but said he has a lot to learn. On the extreme-left, they attacked Trump for such a “reckless” appointment.

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“Trump’s appointments are outrageous and one competes with the other for which is worse,” said ultra-liberal Member of Knesset Zehava Gal-On. But she did acknowledge that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be thrilled to work with Friedman.

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