Trump’s New ‘Caravan’ Threat Has Mexico Up in Arms


President Trump just issued a new threat over the migrant caravan that has the government and citizens of Mexico up in arms.

The president has said if the migrants don’t stop he’ll close the entire southern border barring all northbound trade and traffic, per the New York Post:

President Trump issued a Thanksgiving Day threat to close the “whole” southern border if Mexico can’t control the migrant caravan, which the president claimed is filled with at least “500 serious criminals.”

“If we find that it’s uncontrollable,” then “we will close entry into the country for period of time until we can get it under control. The whole border,” Trump told reporters at Mar-a-lago Thursday.

Citing unrest from the migrant caravan in Tijuana, Mexico, Trump threatened to halt commerce with Mexico if the southern ally doesn’t clamp down on the caravan.

“We will close the border and that means that Mexico’s not going to be able to sell their cars into the United States until it’s open,” Trump said.

Fox News reports that troops and security personnel are ready and have authority to use deadly force if needed to maintain the integrity of our border:

President Donald Trump said Thursday he has authorized American troops on the US-Mexico border to “use lethal force” if necessary against an approaching group of migrants while also threatening to close “the whole border.”

Trump, who was speaking with military members and reporters at Mar-a-Lago, also said there “certainly could” be a government shutdown over border wall funding in December.

If they have to, they’re going to use lethal force. I’ve given the OK,” Trump said. “If they have to — I hope they don’t have to.”

“I have no choice,” Trump said, and, without providing evidence, added, “You’re dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals” and “rough people.”

I hope the members of this so called “caravan” understand that the President means business and that this is deadly serious.

This is truly a national security crisis.

Either our borders have integrity and mean something, or anyone can enter willy nilly with no vetting whatsoever.

Thank you President Trump for standing firm.

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