Trump’s New Approval Rating Shocks Democrats and Liberals


Democrats, liberals and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media love talking about President Trump’s approval rating.

That’s because it’s consistently hovered around the 40 percent mark.

Trump’s latest approval rating was released this week, and there is some improvement, but it’s still sitting at just 46 percent.

Such a rating sounds really bad, and that’s how the media has painted it.

We are routinely told that well over half of all Americans don’t want Trump as president. After all, the numbers don’t lie.

What these same talking heads are purposely failing to highlight is that most American presidents endured ratings this low at this point in their presidency.

In fact, their beloved President Obama had a LOWER approval rating than Trump two years into his presidency.

This is the same Obama who the media claims was a unifying factor, compared to the same Trump they say is a source of division.

But, it turns out MORE Americans prefer Trump than Obama.

Wonder when CNN and the like will put that in their headlines…

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H/T The Daily Caller

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