Trump’s New Air Force One is Ready, and One Thing Caught Everyone’s Attention


President Trump has taken possession of a brand new, upgraded Air Force One, and it is stunning, to say the least.

Plans for the new presidential aircraft had already been put in motion long before Trump took office.

And The Donald was openly critical of the exorbitant price tag that the previous (Obama) administration had agreed to.

Being the business man he is, Trump immediately set about negotiating a more reasonable price, and in so doing saved taxpayers a bundle.

He also had more than a few design changes, the results of which you can see in the following photos of the new Air Force One:

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Liberals will no doubt look at those photos and try to accuse Trump of pampering himself at the taxpayers’ expense.

But, keep in mind – this plane was already commissioned long before Trump became president, and he brought down the cost after Obama failed to negotiate a reasonable price.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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