Trump’s Making Dramatic Change to the White House That Americans Might Not Be Comfortable With


President Trump is about to make a dramatic change to the White House, and you can be sure a great many Americans will be howling about it.

That’s particularly true given the fact that it was First Lady Melania Trump who gave the final “green light” to the plan.

Of course, it will matter very little to unhinged liberals that this change is being done out of necessity, rather than any direct decision by the Trumps.

The simple fact is that the enormous Jackson Magnolia tree featuring prominently on the south facade of the White House won’t survive much longer, and needs to be taken down.

The tree was planted by President Andrew Jackson in 1829, after his beloved wife, Rachel, died shortly following a brutal election campaign.

CNN reports that over the past 190 years:

“The overall architecture and structure of the tree is greatly compromised and the tree is completely dependent on the artificial support.”

For years already, the Jackson Magnolia has been kept up using an extensive cable system.

Once the historic old tree comes down, it will be replaced by a new sapling from Jackson’s farm in Tennessee, the same place the original sprout came from.

While this is all pretty mundane, expect liberal loudmouths to nevertheless exploit it as an excuse to attack Trump.

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