Trump’s Latest Executive Order is Something That Has NEVER Been Seen Before


President Trump is not only signing executive orders at record speed and swiftly fulfilling a number of election promises – he’s totally breaking the mold of how the Oval Office engages with the American public.

His latest executive order demonstrates just how unlike any president before him Trump is and intends to be.

From the Washington Examiner:

In a first for Washington, President Trump Monday invited the public to help out in his bid to reorganize the government, cut waste and duplication, all with the goal of saving billions of dollars.

In a new executive order that paves the way for substantial cuts in his forthcoming federal budget, the president made the unusual offer. “All Americans will be able to submit suggestions and ideas on how to make government work better for them,” said an official.

Leading the effort will be the director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, himself a budget hawk and former House member. Trump announced the executive order as Mulvaney stood next to him and the rest of the cabinet in the Oval Office.

“Based on this input, we will develop a detailed plan to make the federal government work better, reorgaizaing, consolidating and eliminating where necessary. In other words, making the federal government more efficient and very, very cost productive. So we’re going to do something, I think, very, very special,” said the president.

He’s draining the swamp, and he wants US to help him do it.


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