Trump’s ‘Hot Mic’ Comment to Female Reporter Has Liberals Losing Their Minds


It used to be that a man could pay a woman a compliment and be considered a gentleman for doing so.

Not so in today’s topsy-turvy politically-correct world. And certainly not if your name is Donald Trump.

So, when President Trump told a visiting Irish reporter that she has a “nice smile,” liberal heads across American started exploding.

Caitriona Perry was at the Oval Office with a number of other reporters from her home country to cover Trump making a congratulatory phone call to Ireland’s new prime minister.

Trump was making a point about how polite the Irish press was when he called Perry over as a representative of her colleagues.

The liberal response was nothing short of hysteric.

Those are but a couple example of all the Democrats who apparently forgot that Bill Clinton is an actual rapist, or that Joe Biden likes to get handsy with the ladies.

Forget all that nonsense. Trump told a woman she has a nice smile! It’s a national crisis!

H/T Conservative Tribune

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