Trump’s EPIC First Presidential Portrait is the Best Thing On the Internet


Like all presidential victors before him, Donald Trump had a portrait done as part of C-Span’s “American Presidents: Life Portraits” exhibit.

And, like those before him, Trump’s portrait is “generous” and certainly gives a regal shine to our president-elect.

Of course, that has liberals absolutely losing their minds.

They can barely come to grips with the fact that Trump won. They were at least hoping to mock him at every opportunity.

But the C-Span portrait is anything but mockable. Trump looks distinguished and confident. Every bit a noble and capable leader.

Artist Chas Fagan explained why he painted Trump as he did.

“In most photos, his eyes are in shadow and difficult to see, in part due to his distinctive brow line,” Fagan told C-Span. “But eyes are such a recognizable feature, and necessary to give a portrait warmth and personality, so I worked to give them a bit more prominence. I think the result is that we have a softer look into his face than we often get from public media photography.”

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Liberals howled their disapproval on Twitter. But Trump’s supporters hit them with brutal responses.

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Elsewhere, the portrait won widespread praise, as the nation prepares to see Trump take charge and #MAGA.

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