Trump’s Black Voter Approval Hits 42% with Overall Approval Rating at 50%


In Tuesday’s presidential tracking poll from Rasmussen, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among likely black voters was at 42 percent. Meanwhile, total approval was at 50 percent against 50 percent disapproval (though his total approval rating dropped slightly to 48 percent in Wednesday’s results).

When it comes to strong approval/disapproval ratings, the president was still slightly underwater Tuesday, with 40 percent strongly approving against 43 percent strongly disapproving of his performance.

The poll is taken nightly among 500 likely voters and is “reported on a three-day rolling average basis,” according to Rasmussen. The automated telephone poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percentage points.

It was the black approval rating, however, that had eyes popping in the Tuesday edition of the poll:

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