Trump Wins – China Agrees to Back Down


The benefit of genuine leadership can not be overstated

America had grown accustomed to the likes of Barack Obama, so we no longer expected things like this.

But Trump’s showing everyone how it’s really done.

Via Hannity:

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged Tuesday to cut China’s hefty tariff’s on foreign cars and improve his nation’s “intellectual property” protections.  The announcement is a positive sign that Beijing is willing to comply with President Trump’s tough talk on international trade deals.

President Xi was speaking at a business and industry conference when he commented on Trump’s decision to slam China with billions of dollars in new taxes.

“China’s door of opening up will not be closed and will only open wider,” said Xi.

He went on to say he was willing to negotiate on key topics most important to the Trump administration and White House; including reducing Chinese tariffs on American goods.

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