Trump: “Who Built The Cages, Joe?”


Pres. Trump on the child separation policy: “Who built the cages, Joe?”

Steve Herman tweeted:

Asked about the government not being able to locate the parents of 500 immigrant children, @realDonaldTrump says “we’re trying very hard” to find them.

Mollie tweeted:

Biden started out by looking directly at the audience, which is a good trick. A friend notes that Trump is starting to look directly at the audience in the manner of Jim from the Office, as in “can you believe this guy”? and it is very effective.

On topic of children who are brought to US buy coyotes and smugglers and placed in holding facilities, Trump reminds that Obama-Biden “built the cages” to hold them. “Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump asks. Biden refuses to respond.

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