Trump White House Responds to Rumors About Sheriff Clarke’s Resignation and Future Job Opportunities


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was again the focus of media attention recently when he resigned his long-time position with an eye to joining the Trump Administration.

At least, that’s what everyone assumed, including the mainstream media.

But the Trump White House has now responded to those rumors, and the situation is not at all as everyone expected.

Newsmax reports:

The White House is shooting down speculation that David Clarke, the controversial Milwaukee sheriff who resigned Aug. 31, is getting a spot in the Trump administration.

“I’m not aware of any specific jobs he’s being considered for,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Newsmax.

She added that “we’ll certainly make sure when we have a personnel announcement we’ll let you know.”

While Clarke is a registered Democrat, in recent years he’s taken a firm stand against the ultra-liberal agenda on several fronts, and was a staunch supporter of Trump’s electoral campaign.

Clarke’s been talking about joining the Trump Administration for months, indicating that he clearly wants to. Trump’s failure to bring Clarke on board has many conservatives confused and frustrated.

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