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TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Tucker Carlson Just Confirmed Mainstream Media’s Worst Nightmare on Live TV


Mainstream media complete meltdown.

Trump told America that violence is coming from both sides.

Trump also pointed out how ridiculous it is for liberals to try to remove historical statues and erase history. He said it may be Robert E. Lee now, but George Washington and Thomas Jefferson next.

Tucker Carlson opened his show last night and exposed the mainstream media’s worst nightmare and PROVED Trump was right yesterday. (Video Below)

Every American needs to see this clip because Tucker showed how left-wing activists and the liberal media are trying to erase history by applying today’s politically correct standards and removing ANYTHING with a connection to slavery. He pointed out that 41 of the 56 signers had slaves, but so did Native Americans, Middle-eastern Muslims, and Africans.

Slavery was a worldwide reality until 150 years ago so should we pretend like everything before that never happened??

WATCH the video below to see Tucker expose the liberal media and SHARE this on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

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