Trump Voters Just Sent a Very Clear Message to the President That They Aren’t Happy With Him


Something big happened on Tuesday down in Alabama. The Republican Party held a special primary election for a vacant Senate seat.

In a strage twist, President Trump backed the man who had been temporarily holding the seat, Luther Strange, who was also the pick of the GOP establishment.

Going up against Strange was ultra-conservative former Judge Roy Moore, who was backed by other mavericks like former White House strategist Stephen Bannon.

It’s usually Trump who’s backing the mavericks AGAINST the establishment.

But the results of this special election – a firm victory for Moore – revealed that for conservative voters, it’s not about Trump himself, it’s about what’s become known as “Trumpism.”

Trumpism refers to the positions that the president himself championed prior to and just after being elected, and which he’s been increasingly abandoning of late.

Bannon himself revealed after leaving the White House this summer that liberal interests had gotten to the commander-in-chief, and that the Trump presidency we all voted for had come to a premature end.

As Breibart’s John Nolte correctly observed:

With the results now clear in Alabama’s hotly-contested U.S. Senate Republican primary race, the unambiguous message coming from the GOP voters responsible for Roy Moore’s underdog victory is clear-cut —  a crucial reminder to everyone that Trumpism is not about any one person.

More importantly, what this humiliating loss tells President Trump is that Trumpism is not even about him. The indisputable lesson here for the president is that even he, the man who started the movement, is not bigger than the promises, ideas, agenda, and platform he ran on.

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By fully backing Luther Strange, the poster boy for everything his very own movement despises, Trump defiantly violated his existential promise to us, the promise to drain the hideous DC swamp.

And the voters let Trump know precisely what they thought of that by defeating his candidate.

In particular, the two candidates squared off over ending DACA, the so-called “Dreamers” program.

Strange, like Trump of late, was against widespread deportations of those who are only in this country because their parents successfully infiltrated our borders.

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Moore, on the other hand, fully supports ending DACA and deporting anyone who didn’t legally immigrate to the United States.

Conservative voters have made it clear which side of that debate they fall on.

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