Trump Unloads on ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, and It Ain’t Pretty


You knew it was coming.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced he was retiring due to differences of opinion with Trump. The president at first was gracious toward the retiring former general. But, when baited, Trump just couldn’t let this one slide without taking a final parting shot.

During a cabinet meeting this week, Trump suggested that Mattis had really been “fired” from his administration, deriding the gruff military man for being less effective than many had hoped.

“What’s he done for me? How had he done in Afghanistan? Not too good,” Trump told reporters when pressed on Mattis’ sudden retirement. “As you know, President Obama fired him, and essentially so did I.”

Trump went on to insist that he himself “would’ve been a good general.”

Mattis shocked America by announcing his retirement just after Trump’s even more shocking decision to withdraw American forces from Syria.

Mattis and other defense officials were adamant that leaving the war-torn Middle Eastern country in such a way would leave US allies like the Kurds and Israel vulnerable to threats from Iran, Turkey and ISIS.

In a series of tweets following Mattis’ announcement, Trump initially thanked the general for his distinguished service, both in the military and the government.

Via Business Insider

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