Trump unleashes HELL after Paul Ryan stages COUP against the White House


What the leadership of the House of Representatives – both Democrats AND Republicans – did this week amounts to a coup against the American voter.

We elected President Trump to get certain things done. And now Congress, led by none other than Paul Ryan, is trying to prevent him from doing those things, against OUR WILL.

The national budget bill introduced by Ryan not only BLOCK ALL FUNDING FOR TRUMP’S BORDER WALL, it includes funding for a list of things that we conservative voters DO NOT WANT:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Illegal immigration centers
  • Unnecessary domestic spending
  • EPA, after Trump promised to slash its funding
  • Obamacare subsidies
  • Sanctuary cities, after Trump promised to slash their funding

This is NOT what we expected from our elected Republican representatives.

Oh, but Trump has a plan, and revenge is going to be SWEET.

Trump is going to let this budget slide, because he knows it’s only good till September, when Congress will have to vote on a new budget.

And if they don’t pass HIS budget at that time, Trump is going to withhold support for all those Republicans seeking reelection in November.

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From Mad World News:

When Trump says “our government needs a good shutdown in September to fix (this) mess,” he is talking about the upcoming budget. He is urging a shutdown in September if these idiots keep capitulating to the Democrats. It’s what he wanted now, but Ryan betrayed him, but he will be held accountable. Paul Ryan is as good as gone come 2018.

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