Trump Tweets Video of Himself Beating Up CNN, and We Can’t Stop Laughing


President Trump just issued the most perfect response possible to CNN’s incessant harassment and false reporting.

Taking to Twitter, as is his want, Trump posted a short doctored video clip of himself tackling a person with the CNN logo superimposed on his head.

The video was taken at the WrestleMania 23 event some 10 years ago, when Trump was a regular celebrity guest on various televised events and programs.

The man being tackled is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) owner-promoter Vince McMahon, a close personal friend of Trump.

At the time, the two had agreed to face off in “The Battle of the Billionaires,” with each man agreeing to let the other shave his head if his wrestler lost.

Trump won, and made a brutal show of holding McMahon to his word.

But many would argue the remake of the video clip is even more fitting, given that the feud between Trump and CNN is genuine, unlike the staged showdown with McMahon.

Predictably, voices in the mainstream media are whining about the clip, claiming that it amounts to incitement to violence against journalists.

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These are the same journalists who applauded a liberal production company for putting on a play that featured Trump’s assassination.

Hypocrites doesn’t even begin to describe these low-lifes.

At any rate, the White House laughed off the accusations, with one adviser telling the Associated Press that “no one would perceive that as a threat.”

Meanwhile, America was busy laughing at CNN.

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Thank you, Mr. President, for that bit of comedy gold.

Source: Times of Israel

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