HAHAHA!!! Trump Trolls Liberals, and It’s GLORIOUS


The only thing better than having a president who uses modern technology to communicate directly with the people is one who uses that technology to also inject lighthearted jabs at his opponents into the political discourse.

And no one does those things better than Trump.

With winter temperatures reaching a record low in many parts of eastern seaboard, Trump took to Twitter to lambast the climate change loonies who condemned him for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump’s a smart guy, and is probably aware that localized weather is not the same thing as “climate.”

And, while he has in the past rejected the notion of man-made long-term climate change, that’s not the reason he pulled out of the Paris agreement that Barack Obama was so keen on.

The reason, as Trump has explained it, was that the US was expected to pay the bulk of the budget for the program, while some of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to “greenhouse emissions” – countries like India and China – weren’t planning to cut their emissions at all in real terms.

So, what good was it pouring all of OUR money into a scheme that was never going to work, anyway?

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