Trump Tells Fox News The Biden Admin ‘Enforcing Nothing’ As Migrants Make It Into The Us Despite Health Order


Former President Donald Trump on Monday said the Biden administration is “enforcing nothing” at the southwestern border as more migrant families are making it into the United States despite a health order instituted last year.

Trump was asked on “The Faulkner Focus” by anchor Harris Faulkner about a health order known as Title 42, which is meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus by barring entry of aliens who may be considered a health risk.

In February, nearly 59% of migrant families were allowed to stay in the U. S. under a separate provision called Title 8 as they await a decision on whether they can stay, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). That was a shift from January, the agency said, when more than 62% of migrant family units encountered by law enforcement on the border were expelled under Title 42.

“They’re applying nothing. They’re not doing Title 42 or any title,” Trump said when asked whether he believed Title 42 was being properly enforced. “People are just walking into our country and they will destroy our country.”

Trump added: “You can’t take millions of people, they’ll have millions of people before this mess is over. And they’ve got some kind of political theory I guess that it’s a good thing… We want people to come in but they have to be able to help our country. They have to come in through merit and they have to come in legally.”

Despite Trump’s claim that President Biden and his team are “applying nothing,” CPB is still expelling the vast majority of single aliens it encounters on the southwestern border. The agency encountered 71,598 total single aliens in February and booted 64,108 of them under the Trump health order.

“The border remains closed. Families and single adults are being expelled under Title 42 and should not attempt to cross illegally,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

“In the narrow, narrow, circumstances in with families can’t be expelled, the family is tested and quarantined as needed,” despite the fact that the Biden administration expelled less than half of the families that law enforcement encountered in February.

“The unique challenges of the pandemic require additional authorities, such as the CDC order known as Title 42, to allow DHS to effectively protect both the health and safety of migrants and our communities from the spread of COVID-19,” a CBP spokesperson told Fox News last week. “The border is not open, and the vast majority of people are being returned under Title 42.”

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