Trump Taunts Kaepernick, Says He’s the Reason NLF Won’t Touch Him


Former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who shot to infamy for taking a knee during the National Anthem, is out of a job.

Worse, no NFL team will touch him. And President Trump says he’s the reason.

Via NY Post:

President Trump reignited his feud with Colin Kaepernick on Monday night — bragging about a recent report that said NFL owners weren’t picking up the quarterback this offseason because they’re afraid of sparking a Twitter war with the commander-in-chief.

The article that the president seemed to be referring to, when he made the statement during a rally in Kentucky, is a Bleacher Report piece featuring quotes from an AFC general manager who claimed that teams weren’t signing the former 49er due to the possible backlash from fans.

“There was an article today…that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” the president told the crowd in Louisville.

“You believe that? I just saw that,” Trump added. “I said, ‘If I remember that one, I’m gonna report it to the people of Kentucky because they like it when people actually stand for the American flag.’”

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