Trump Takes Press To Task For Skipping Over Hunter Biden Scandals


President Trump on Sunday may have shown a preview of this week’s upcoming presidential debate when he asked reporters at the White House why — in his opinion — they have been reluctant to look into Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s business involvement in Russia, Ukraine, and China while his father was vice president.

“If we had a media that was fair — even just reasonable — this would be the biggest story for years and years,” Trump said. “Then you’d be entitled to real Pulitzer Prizes, not the fake committee that gives away these fake awards.”

Trump’s comment was made after the New York Times released a report that he avoided paying taxes for 10 of the past 15 years. Trump called the Times’ report another example of fake news.

Trump has brought up Hunter Biden in the past and two Republican-led Senate committees issued a report last week alleging that the work Hunter Biden did in Ukraine constituted a conflict of interest for the Obama administration. His father had taken the lead on some initiatives dealing with Keiv.

The report did not implicate Joe Biden in wrongdoing, focusing instead on his son, who it said “cashed in” on his father’s position by joining the board of a Ukrainian gas company.

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