Trump Supporters Take to the Streets to Give Biden Brutal Welcome in Chicago


If the media is feeling charitable — and if there’s someone whose name is Brandon in the semi-immediate vicinity — that’s how they would have reported the chants when President Joe Biden visited a Chicago suburb to urge people to get vaccinated.

You can hear the newsman now: “And, Tom, the key takeaway from crowds lining the street is that they’re heartily in support of young Brandon Paailgrims, a Champaign/Urbana youth who’s been fighting a case of juvenile shingles. No matter what their Trump flags might say, these are people who care about sick kids in Illinois. Back to the studio.”

And yes, there was a so-called “let’s go, Brandon” chant when the president visited (if you’re unaware of what that means, we’ll get to that later), but one thing’s for sure: Even in deep-blue Illinois, plenty of people weren’t thrilled with the president.

Here’s Daniel Williams, a reporter from the Chicago area, showing what the streets looked like on the way to Elk Grove Village, where Biden was scheduled to speak on Thursday:

As the protesters lined the road, trucks honked their approval.

Univision’s Mariano Gielis also took video of the protesters — including someone with a “Let’s go Brandon” sign.


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