Trump steps in to resolve ISLAMIC DILEMMA!


One reads enough of the main stream media and one is pretty convinced that President Trump is a “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic” as Hillary Clinton so eloquently described it.

Of course what FAILS to be reported are examples like this!  Oh, I wish Hillary, and the rest of the media, would get out of the woods!

A robotics team of six girls from Afghanistan is attending an international competition in Washington, after clearing visa obstacles that prompted intervention from President Donald Trump.

The team was the first to be introduced at an opening ceremony Sunday for the three-day high school competition. They will compete against entrants from more than 150 countries in the FIRST Global Challenge. It’s the first annual robotics competition designed to encourage youths to pursue careers in math and science. The girls are entering a robot they made that can recognize blue and orange and sort balls into correct locations. The team was twice rejected for U.S. visas.  That is where President Trump stepped in.

They arrived in Washington from their hometown of Herat, Afghanistan, early Saturday after Trump’s last-minute intervention to sidestep the visa system.

According to The Washington Post:

Trump’s involvement drew praise from White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who said in a tweet Saturday morning that while others talk, the president acts. But critics pointed out that selectively allowing a small group of people to come to the United States, while denying many others, is not deserving of credit.

Kellyanne tweets: Thank you, @POTUS, for helping these girls. Others talk (and talk and talk). You act. 

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 In response to Conway’s tweet, Paul Musgrave, an international relations expert who teaches political science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, said, “Selective enforcement of laws and displays of ‘mercy’ are monarchical, not democratic, tendencies.”

Of course it is never enough. The Dems won’t be happy until the US is a borderless country.

Source: The Washington Post


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