Trump spots ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign… WATCH CLOSELY how he reacts…


Democrats and liberals are race-baiters. That’s why they try to paint a picture of the Republican Party being deplorable to all “normal” African-Americans.

According to their logic, no black person in their right mind could possibly support President Trump.

Oh, but they do. And they are in their right minds.

One such patriot showed up at Trump’s rally in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday.

And he was PROUD to be there supporting HIS president!

Trump noticed, and took the opportunity to rub it in Democrats’ faces that they can’t turn the African-American community against him.

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Trump stopped his speech to let the man know what he thought of his “Blacks for Trump” sign:

“Thank you for that sign. ‘Blacks for Trump.’ I love that guy. Thank you, man, that’s great, that’s really cool, I appreciate it.”

Source: Washington Examiner

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