Trump Sends Feds To Raid Islamberg, NY After 20 YEARS – What They Find Is CHILLING


Deep in the woods of the Catskill Mountains in New York, there is a mysterious Muslim compound that is hidden on 70 acres of lands. There, over 100 Muslims have been living in a place they call Islamberg, which is only accessible by dirt road.

For over twenty years, infidels have been banned from entering Islamberg, and anyone who has tried has been “greeted” by armed Muslims patrolling a guard shack at the compound’s entry gate. Now, however, that has all changed after a recent arrest finally allowed federal authorities to raid Islamberg, and what they found is chilling.

Islamberg resident Ramadan Abdullah was recently arrested after he was caught trying to steal several cases of ammunition from a local mountain store in the area. When police then raided Islamberg, they found a massive stockpile of illegal weapons throughout the compound, including 8 assault weapons, 4 loaded handguns, 1 loaded shotgun, 2 rifles, 64 high-capacity ammunition feeding devices, and body armor, including thousands of rounds of .50 caliber ammunition capable of piercing body armor.

Things got even worse when police looked into Abdullah’s background and found that he is a long-time associate of the U.S.-based Islamist terrorist organization, Muslims of America (MOA), and was the very same Muslim who was arrested back in 1977 after police discovered enough material at his home to build 50 bombs.

In addition, Abdullah participated in the armed robbery of a candy store in Brooklyn back in the 70’s that resulted in the death of a man. After serving his time, he dropped off the map and moved to Islamberg, where he trained terrorists on how they can use their weapons.

This has confirmed that New York residents fears that the compound was in fact location being used to actively train terrorists is a reality.

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