Trump Sends Armed Agents to PR to Check On Relief Efforts, They Make Horrifying Discovery In Warehouse


Finally, some Puerto Ricans were jumping for joy with getting power back after being without it for 112 days after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

What has taken so long? The horrible corrupt nature and incompetence of the local system.

And the federal government found the proof and busted the people who were behind holding up some of the aid.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to The Intercept, federal government officials learned that “a massive store of rebuilding materials” needed to restore Puerto Rico’s electrical grid was being hoarded by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, a state-owned corporation operated by the territory’s government.

Armed with this information, federal agents then raided PREPA’s warehouses on Jan. 6 with a security detail and thereafter “began distributing (supplies) to contractors,” confirmed USACE spokesman Luciano Vera.

“Among the materials recovered so far are ‘2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors’ along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines,” The Intercept reported, quoting Vera.

Is there any wonder that the aid is not getting through to the people? And the hoarding was causing a critical stoppage.

From The Intercept:

A security contractor who recently returned from Puerto Rico told The Intercept that crews of linemen brought down from the U.S. were frustrated about the lack of rebuilding materials, which made it virtually impossible for them to fix downed infrastructure. Paraphrasing conversations with the electric crews he accompanied, the source said one worker told him that “we just sat in the truck and watched a movie because we have nothing to do today. … Around Christmas, a lot of the power workers were saying, ‘We’re going on vacation because we couldn’t do our job because PREPA was making it so difficult.’” The source’s job involved escorting contractors tasked with reconstructing downed power lines; he was deployed on the island for over a month by a subcontractor of Cobra Acquisitions LLC, which in the fall received a $200 million contract with PREPA to repair its grid.

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The bust enabled the material to be distributed to the contractors and has sped the return of electricity.

Now fast forward to Wednesday, when the power finally came back to 83% of PREPA customers.

Students and teachers at the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo in San Juan actually cried with joy to have the power back.

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So happy for the kids!

And there may still be some problems. The government is reportedly trying to get rid of one of the few checks against such corruption.

But it gets worse. The Intercept pointed out that even “(a)s PREPA hoards crucial resources that could help remedy the island’s dire situation,” Puerto Rico’s government “is attempting to annihilate the power provider’s only regulator.”

“When the current administration was in the opposition, they opposed all the energy reform bills,” said former Puerto Rico state Sen. Ramón Luis Nieves, referring to the so-called New Progressive Party.

“Now that they are in power, they have been trying to eliminate the energy regulator and the reforms that were passed.”

Of course, not all the local governments are corrupt, some are buying grid restoration supplies out of municipal budgets,” according to The Intercept.

That sounds like a local elected official using personal initiative to get something accomplished in the face of a system that’s completely dysfunctional.

Not surprisingly, that list didn’t include San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who’s made it her personal mission to waste valuable time and resources constantly smearing President Donald Trump and his administration instead of doing her job.

Except that if it weren’t for the Trump administration’s raid last week, the kids at the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo would likely still be without power — and again, no thanks to Cruz, the New Progressive Party and every other corrupt official in Puerto Rico.


Some, like Cruz, are more concerned about attacking Trump than actually resolving the problem and ending the corruption.

But thankfully, the kids at Academia Bautista now have light. Let’s hope everyone else gets it soon!

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