Trump Scores MAJOR Endorsement, Liberals Are LIVID


President Trump just keeps on winning. Less than two months into his presidency, it’s becoming quite clear that Trump has a real shot to fulfill is promise to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

And more and more Americans are waking up to that fact, leaving Liberals and Democrats in delicious despair.

Trump’s latest public endorsement is a big one.

Ken Langone, founder of Home Depot founder and investment bank Invemed Associates, told CNBC:

“[Trump] has the capacity to go down as one of our greatest presidents ever” if he’s able to bring about big changes in health care, tax cuts and $1 trillion of infrastructure upgrades.

“The American people elected him president, in my mind, for one reason: they don’t want incremental change. They want major change.”

But, Langone warned, the Republican Congress needs to get behind Trump. If they do, the future looks incredibly bright:

Langone warned the Republicans that they could lose their majorities in the House and the Senate if lawmakers fail to seize this Trump-created opportunity. “We own the next 25 years as a nation [if we act].”

“If you guys don’t get your guys into a room and say ‘Guys this is our moment.’ The American people will throw you out too, the next time,” he warned House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Do you agree that Trump could turn out to be one of America’s greatest presidents ever?

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