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Trump Said to Have CAVED to Threats From This Group… Is It TRUE?


Palestinian terrorist leaders are squealing with joy.

They believe that threats to ignite a new wave of violence against Israel has forced President Trump to back down.

They say Trump will now NOT move the US Embassy to Jerusalem because they told him not to.

Palestinian Authority official Ahmad Majadlani told the Arab newspaper A-Shark Al-Awsat that the Trump Administration has assured the Palestinians that it won’t bring up the embassy issue any time in the near future.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that no decision had yet been made regarding the embassy move.

But Israel isn’t about to let the issue alone.

Trump made firm promises to move the embassy, promises that he reiterated as recently as last week. And the Republican Congress is also determined to hold Trump to those promises.

The Palestinians, meanwhile, say Trump doesn’t have the balls. But if he does dare to move the embassy, they will attack Israel and US interests.

Does this sound like the President Donald Trump we know and love, to cave to such threats?

Let’s hope and pray the Palestinians are getting ahead of themselves (as they typically do) and that Trump is still planning to stick it to them.

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