Trump Said He Tricked Democrats Into Giving Money for His Border Wall


Republicans have been pretty upset but the “omnibus” spending bill that President Trump negotiated with congressional Democrats.

But, in a series of tweets, Trump insisted that he got nearly everything he wanted, including funding for his border wall.

Democratic leaders hailed the bill as a major victory over Trump, noting that it didn’t include any funding for his upgraded border wall, while it did provide taxpayer dollars for their pet projects.

But Trump reminded them that it does indeed include $1.57 billion for border barriers, though the language might preclude building any of the new wall prototypes recently displayed in California.

“Got $1.6billion to start Wall on Southern Border, rest will be forthcoming,” claimed the president.

More important, however, “got $700billion to rebuild our Military, $716billion next year…most ever. Had to waste money on Dem giveaways in order to take care of military pay increase and new equipment.”

Trump went on to slam Democrats for being unwilling to compromise on their own agendas:

“Democrats refused to take care of DACA. Would have been so easy, but they just didn’t care. I had to fight for Military and start of Wall.”

H/T Infowars

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