Trump Rejects Voting-by-Mail Amid Virus, Citing Fraud Concerns


Opinion| The only thing progressive about the current wave of Democrats is their willingness to achieve their political objectives by any means necessary.  

Now Democrats are using the current crisis to extend their opportunities for the employment of fraudulent voting schemes.

Progressive organizations, are at the front lines of a campaign advocating for a “vote by mail” system in the upcoming presidential election, citing fears that the coronavirus pandemic makes it too dangerous to vote in person. – (Breitbart)

A recently posted article on Bloomberg sought to embarrass President Trump because he rejected Democrats’ latest scheme to institute vote-by-mail.

The article ended by  highlighting the fact that President Trump… perhaps the most recognizable man in the world… would be sending his absentee ballot back by mail…

“Trump, who is registered to vote in Florida, has requested a vote-by-mail ballot in that state’s primary, according to the Palm Beach Post.”

But, absentee ballots are available to every American with advanced notice.  What Democrats have proposed is not that.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to clear the way for Democrat operatives to employ a practice known as ballot harvesting.  

(Breitbart) “Ballot harvesting” was legalized in California in 2016, and first used in the 2018 midterm elections. It allows anyone to drop off someone else’s mail-in ballot at a polling station. There is no process for vetting or verifying those delivering the ballots — no background checks or identification requirements. Democrats dropped hundreds of thousands of ballots off at polling stations in 2018, helping Democrats as they flipped seven Republican seats…

… Pelosi wants to take that system nationwide.

Her bill, released Monday afternoon, provides that every state:

A) shall permit a voter to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot to the post office, a ballot drop-off location, tribally designated building, or election office so long as the person designated to return the ballot does not receive any form of compensation based on the number of ballots that the person has returned and no individual, group, or organization provides compensation on this basis; and (B) may not put any limit on how many voted and sealed absentee ballots any designated person can return to the post office, a ballot drop off location, tribally designated building, or election office.

In other words, paid party operatives can literally truck thousands and thousands of ballots to the polls, provided they earn a salary or fee, and are not paid by the ballot.

It is a practice that is known in Third World countries as “ballot stuffing,” and is outlawed in every democracy, no matter how poor — even in countries where the physical and administrative obstacles to voting are far greater than in the world’s most developed economy.

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