Trump Rallies Virginia Supporters To Vote For Glenn Youngkin


Former President Donald Trump spoke with supporters in Virginia via a “tele-rally” on Monday evening right before the critical Virginia governor race, encouraging his “great, giant, beautiful base” to vote for Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

“This is your chance to break the grip on the radical Left, that they have on the commonwealth,” Trump said in the phone call. “You can send a very strong message to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC plus three. You’ve got to send a message to this really corrupt media.”

“Tomorrow, I’d like to ask everyone to get out and vote for Glenn Youngkin. He’s a fantastic guy,” the former president added.

“Glenn Youngkin had an enormously successful career in business, as most of you know,” Trump said, describing the Republican as “great on jobs and taxes, keeping them low,” and promising that Youngkin will “make Virginia really the envy of the world.”

“Very shady Terry McAuliffe, I know him very well,” the former president said. “He was not a successful governor, he was not a good governor, but he’s gotten worse. He’s made a corrupt bargain with the radical left, the extremists who control the Democratic Party.”

Trump warned that McAuliffe “is looking to massively raise your taxes,” that he will be “weak on crime,” and that “he’ll shred your Second Amendment.”

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