Trump’s ‘Top Priority’ in Middle East is Going to ENRAGE Muslims


Donald Trump has already got radical Muslims shaking in their boots.

And if they didn’t like him before, they’re really going to hate our next president after he takes office.

According to senior Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, his “top priority” in the Middle East will be beyond controversial. At least for America’s Muslim “allies.”

For Israel, on the other hand, following through on his promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem will make Trump a hero.

Like most presidential candidates over the past 20 years, Trump made that promise during the election campaign.

But unlike the others, who failed to keep their word, Conway insisted Trump will indeed move the embassy.

“That is very big priority for this president-elect,” Conway told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“He made it very clear during the campaign, and as president-elect I’ve heard him repeat it several times privately, if not publicly,” she continued.

True Ally

The move isn’t about upsetting Muslims. It’s about keeping a promise to America’s closest ally.

Moving the embassy in accordance with the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act would bolster relations with Israel. And that is much needed after the damage done by Barack Obama.

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“This is something that our friend in Israel, a great friend in the Middle East, would appreciate,” said Conway.

“It is a great move. It is an easy move to do based on how much he talked about that in the debates and in the sound bites,” she added.

When Israel annexed the eastern side of Jerusalem in 1980, most nations, including America, moved their embassies to Tel Aviv.

But the US Congress has recognized Jerusalem as the united, eternal capital of Israel. And it demands that US foreign policy reflect that decision.

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