Trump Posts Video of Preceding Presidents Promising to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital


When President Trump publicly declared his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, liberals everywhere lost their minds.

But, as Trump himself pointed out (for those who bothered to actually listen), we was merely acknowledging the obvious, and finally doing what his predecessors had all promised to do.

That’s right, the last three presidents, including DEMOCRATS Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, all promised to do exactly what Trump just did.

The only difference? They were either lying, or didn’t have the balls to follow through.

So, liberals, which is it? Did Barack Obama lie about Jerusalem in order to get elected? Or was his promise genuine, but he just didn’t have the courage to get the job done?

Because, either way, that makes him a pretty bad leader, in my book.

A point Trump emphasized by posting the following video clip showing his predecessors promising to do what he had to finally do for them:

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