Trump plans AUGUST ATTACK to democratic obstruction!


Clearly, President Trump is NOT getting his cabinet in place due to Democratic stalling.

Well, a little heard of, but entirely legitimate option is a presidential “recess appointment” of a senior federal official while the Senate is in recess. And you KNOW the Senate likes its recesses!

The constitution requires that the most senior federal officers must be confirmed by the Senate before assuming office, but while the Senate is in recess the President may act alone by making a recess appointment to fill “Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate.”

Admittedly Trump could have done more to get this done BEFORE coming into office, but many other presidents have done no more than him.

However, NEVER in our HISTORY has there been so much stalling and filibuster. THIS is what is preventing his cabinet appointment being complete.

As Dan Oliver, commenting through The Washington Times says, “that is why Mr. Trump, channeling his inner Teddy Roosevelt, should take the desperate measure of appointing executive branch personnel wholesale. He can revel diabolically in the discomfort of the sore losers who seek to obstruct (the duration of which discomfort, and the attendant Schadenfreude, will be measurable by a tick-tockingly, dilly-dallying pendulum clock) while teaching them the lesson that obstruction has a price: losing the opportunity to have the Senate advise and consent

Source: The Washington Times

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