Trump Orders Jeff Sessions to Move Against Rebellious ‘Sanctuary’ Mayor of Oakland


Her time is up.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has unwisely put herself in the crosshairs of the Trump Administration.

Last week, Schaaf boasted that local law enforcement is under orders not to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officers.

Illegal aliens residing in Oakland are receiving the full protection of local authorities, even if against the will of local police officers.

Trump is simply not going to tolerate such sedition.

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed that Schaaf and other rebellious California mayors are in deep trouble.

“We are going to use every lawful tool we have to push back against this activity. You can be sure of that. I will say, however, that ultimately, in this country, the American people have the final word. And they have got to analyze what their leaders are doing, and if they are promoting these kind of unlawful, unwise and dangerous policies, they need to be held to account.”

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