Trump Opened JFK Files and Not Many Noticed What It Says About Hitler and WWII


Newly released U.S. government files regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy reveal that the CIA was aware of claims that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler survived World War II.

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An informant reported to the CIA that a man in Colombia greatly “resembled” the horrific dictator, and surviving Nazis in the region referred to him as “der Fuehrer,” according to The New York Post. The details don’t stop there.

The New York Post reported the following in part:

he source told the agent, whose code name was Cimelody-3, the former Fuehrer was alive and that an ex-SS agent named Phillip Citroen had been in touch with him in the city of Tunja, according to the memo, released as part of the files related to JFK’s assassination.

Citroen told the informant he saw a man who strongly resembled Hitler while working in “Residencias Coloniales,” a neighborhood populated by former Nazis.

The former SS agent also had a photo of himself with the suspected Hitler, who allegedly went by “Adolf Schritteimayor.”

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H/T: Daily Caller

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